Business Certified Coach in English -akreditovaný program.

Business Certified Coach is a high-quality coaching development program that will provide you with a rich arsenal of highly effective tools, techniques, and procedures required to work a professional coach. , For leaders, managers, and all who work in their positions with people. This program is based on the Whitmor style, which is combined with Erickson's approaches. Techniques and nostroes, which graduates of this program teach to apply in practice now use more than 40 thousand. Leaders, Coaches and Managers around the world. It is a unique know-how that can be linked to everyday management practices.

The Business Certified program emphasizes the development of the strengths of individuals and teams through coaching style and the way of thinking and communication.

What you get in BCC:

All the skills, knowledge, tools and especially the right mindset for the work of a professional coach in the business / business.
Coaching tools and models to support your coaching.
Improving communication skills
You will be more specific to your own strengths and abilities
You will be more powerful and empower the ones you work with
Throughout the course you will gain practical coaching experience -80% of the practice training.
You get feedback on your coaching skills from experienced mentors and coaches
You get more insight and understanding of contemporary thinking and practice in coaching
You will learn to be conscious here and now
This training program does not require any prior knowledge from the field of coaching or a specific profession.

Who is the program intended for?

HR managers and education managers
Internal lecturers and coaches
Project managers
Business executives, business owners and directors looking for a path to greater personal efficiency and performance
Team leaders and project managers
Those interested in becoming a professional coach with accreditation
Lecturers of further education (development courses, soft-skills trainings)
All who are interested in personal development and growth and want to be able to use self-education in everyday life
Key themes of the BCC Program:

This program is based on 11 key competencies defined by the ICF. Throughout the program, we focus in depth on each of the 11 key competences of a coach as defined by the ICF. In the program, we develop a detailed personal coaching profile with participants. Each participant develops his own style of work for himself and his clients in his own marketing strategy.

The first four modules are identical to the KOUČ program, which is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The other two modules are developed by coaches in the areas of creating their own coaching style, coaching marketing, including digital marketing and social networking and team coaching, and HIGH PERFORMANCE COACHING.

The trainer of this program is TEREZA DOČKALOVÁ, EPC -CEO

She is an internationally recognized specialist in coaching with a wealth of experience in corporations and the private sector (more than 4,000 hours). She studied coaching and NLP at the world's largest coaching authorities (Marilyn Atkinson, John Whitmore, Richard Bandler, Robert Dilts, Deepach Chopra, Anthony Robbins, and many other prominent names. Tereza most influenced the Erickson style in coaching. As an internationally certified trainer coaching coach, and NLP in the Czech Republic, he leads coaching courses, accredited by the Ministry of Education, which is the author. Her work is based on many experience gained in business and managerial positions.

Briefly about the program:

• Duration of the program: 12 days, total of 120 hours in 6 modules incl. Individual tasks and practical training of coaching / 80 hours attendance, the remaining part in the form of practical training of coaching under the guidance of experienced mentors of the course.
• Maximum number of participants 12
• Location: Haštalská 17, Prague 1

Teaching takes place in all training days from 10:00 to 17:00 with a lunch break from 13:00 to 14:30.

In the meantime, each module is practiced by participants in the Skype coaching course once a week, under the guidance of the course coach.

The main language of the program is English.

After completing this program, you can continue our coaching course with a team of foreign mentors to obtain ACC or PCC certification.

Details of the  Program:

Module 1. 11.10. And 25.10.2017

Ethical Coach Code 
Roots and history of coaching
Definition of coaching from other developmental methods
Typology of personalities and types of clients
Competence of coach according to ICF
Coats in coaching - individuals and corporate clients
Brain and ways of learning
Model GROW
Process control levels
Imagination in coaching

Module 2. 8.11. And 22.11.2017

Maximizing Performance in Time and Einstein's Coaching Strategy by R. Dilts
Coaching Intrinsic Conditions and Emotions Improving Performance.
Coaching in project management
NLP techniques

Module 3. 6.12. And 20.12.2017

Transpersonal and Value-Oriented Coaching of Individuals I Teams
Grawes Managerial Model
Inner Game in coaching
Effective coaching communication
Key Outputs
Module 4. 10.1. And 24.1.2018


BCC CERTIFICATON - internationally valid certificate of professional coaches.

Ministry of Education accreditation links to valid accreditations:


Course fee: the price for the entire 12-day program is set at 89,000, -

Booking deposit is 30%, preference is given to brides who pay the entire course fee

FOR THE ORDER AND REPAYMENT OF THE COURSE TO 31.8..2017 the price is set at 79 000, -

The price includes labor and time lecturer, teaching manuals in electronic form, iPad mini, comprehensive know-how for a career coach and implementation of coaching as a leadership style of people in commercial and non-commercial sector

If you apply for the Labor Office to finalize, the amount of the fee for the payment of the course fee may be different, the individual cases are solved individually.

Feedback of program graduates:

"It is a very good program for those who want to develop their coaching skills and coaching culture in companies." - Sandra Trčková

"I got good tips on how to develop as a leader. I will start coaching with our company and look for ways to extend my knowledge-based cognitive settings based on knowledge from this course. "- Renata Heider

"This course gave me a lot of new tools to improve my performance" - Tereza Sedláčková

 "The value of the BCC program lies in the learning process and, to a great extent, also in the common communication and contributions of each participant. Really supports you in completing each of your strengths and opportunities, if you are heading towards professional coaching or if you are in a company for the position of HR you want to work as an internal coach or as an executive coaching firm plan to lead way. "Participant 2015

"During this program I got great tools for everyday use and advice that opened my eyes." Participant 2014

"This program has very well met my needs. I learned a lot about myself and got new tools and ah moments. "Participant 2015.

"During the course I had a lot of time to think about my behavior, strengths and weaknesses and managerial style. Now I approach my direct subordinates, my colleagues and the boss with more coaching. And to his family too. "Participant 2016

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